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Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Jimm always enjoyed drawing as a child and some of his early influences were Saturday morning cartoons and comic books.  He collected comics for over 15 years and amassed a large collection that greatly influenced his sense of humor and action. 

Jimm artistic desires took him to the School of the Art institute of Chicago where he studied painting and drawing and earned his BFA degree.  During his time in school and after Jimm worked as a gallery assistant at Chicago’s Circle Fine Art Gallery where he learned about the business of selling art.  In 1991 Jimm came to Seattle,WA  to work at Animation,USA furthering his interests in cartoons and the art business.  Along with Jimm’s business pursuits he has volunteered for ArtsWest a non-profit arts organization.  Jimm has had several art exhibits at ArtsWest along with helping install shows in the organization’s gallery and creating an artist group called the ArtsWest Artist Association. 

Though Jimm still loves to paint and draw, his current work is "Mixed Media Digital Collage". The works are created from a wide range of sources that include his own drawings and paintings.  In Photoshop he brings the images together building a digital collage. He uses the software to create various manipulations of the artwork, such as stretching or twirling the image, inverting and intensifying colors, and layering images over existing imagery.  As the image progresses digitally, he will then print out multiple variations of that image and physically cut, paste, and collage these changes together to alter and build the final image.  He also adds elements such as wire mesh, stickers, tape, or whatever to enhance the final image.  Through these steps, Jimm creates an image of surrealistic character that attempts to create harmony out of commotion.




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